Happiness Project Linkup: VLOG!

Posted by on Feb 23, 2012 | 3 comments

Hi everyone!

I am pleased to give you my first VLOG!  I’m linking up again with Chronically Distracted and their Happiness Project.

I already know that I need to make myself a HUGE sign that says, “Don’t Say UM!”  I also realized that I didn’t talk too much about vitality, but that’s okay- I’ve always had a problem following directions. :)

I’m also learning the ways of uploading a video onto my blog.  I would love to hear how you do it, if you’ve done a vlog before. This one I did by uploading to YouTube and then embedding it into the post.  Is that right?


Can’t wait to link up and see what everyone else says!






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The Happiness Project: Do Nothing

Posted by on Feb 16, 2012 | 1 comment

As I started to write this post I was trying to do too much at once.  What’s too much?  I was trying to read the prompt for this post while also catching up on email and watching the Grammy Awards from last weekend.  Yeah.  Too much.  I realized this and shut off the TV instantly.  Focus!

I’m having a crazy week.  A wonderful week that includes new babies (not mine) and big personal changes, but crazy.  This has been frustrating for me on one level, though, because last week I did a lot of work on my schedule and my organization.  Having this much chaos in my own brain/life after dedicating a lot of energy to downsizing my chaos feels a bit like slamming my thumb in the car door.   No wait- I’ve done that. That was way worse. Things are great!

The prompt this week from the ladies at Chronically Distracted reads:

  • What are your biggest personal barriers to PROGRESS? 
  • Fear?  Time?  Opportunity?  Discipline?  Knowledge? 
  • Would *you* commit to setting a do nothing rule in order to achieve your goals?

(In case you aren’t in sync with these awesome ladies, they are referencing this post from The Happiness Project blog written by Gretchen Rubin.)

My answer?  Time.  I feel like a court jester, juggling little blocks of the day that are intended for one thing and then a kink happens somewhere and the time gets dropped or *gasp* disappears entirely (where did that naptime go?).  Time is amazing because it can pass so quickly and so slowly, yet it always passes.  I feel that 9 times out of 10 I find myself chasing time more than any other element of my day.

I actually have tried the “do nothing” rule without knowing it.  I’ve been practicing it the last few weeks when I go to Starbucks to write and work on my blog.  When I’m at Starbucks and I’m by myself, my focus level rockets so high– it’s amazing!  I have no little fingers asking me to fix something, no mouths to fill (except my own), no phone to answer.  I close all of my browser windows except those pertaining to my work, and I WORK.  The first time I did it I came home and told my husband, “Wow!  I accomplished something!”  There were, of course, times when my brain wandered, but I did not allow myself to check Facebook or any other techno-fun things.  I worked.  I felt like an adult.  Like an intelligent adult.  I think the trick for someone with kids is to find this time, or rather, to MAKE this time for themselves.  That is tricky at times, maddening at others, but it’s part of parenthood.

I have come to a place where I am realizing that my life, at this particular time, is just plain whacky.  I am trying to do a lot of things, and it’s been stressing me out.  I have one voice nudging me a bit, saying, “Natalie, take something off your plate.  You don’t have to do all of this.”  And I have another saying, “You can do it!  You can do it ALL!”  This voice carries a set of pom-poms with it at all times.

The reality is that I can’t do it all, and I’m trying to whittle out something that will help me at least try it.   I’m aiming to share that process with you all to help demystify a bit of the premise that blogging is a perfect fit for everyone, or that bloggers have perfect lives because they work from home.

Can’t wait to see what others post today in the Happiness Project!  I’m probably going to lay low this week and not post again until next- my brain is unsettled and unfocused, so best to leave you out of that. :)  Happy Weekend!


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Christmas Week! A Handmade Christmas

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This year we are trying to go light on the gifts because we are taking our kids to Disneyland.  That will be our main gift to them.  Between that, a few other things, and gifts from family, I know that they will have an amazing Christmas.  Because of the closet projects I’ve taken on, I haven’t had the time to make as many things as I’d like for Christmas this year.  I also feel it’s insane for me to attempt when I have an infant in my brood- too much is still unpredictable, so I’m not going to set myself up for disappointment.

My challenge, though, is that I wanted to have some handmade gifts for the kids- I don’t want everything they receive to be made of plastic and say, “Made in China,” though it seems inevitable at times.

My handmade solution?  I went to the Queen Bee Market last month.  I thought I’d share some of the awesome gifts we bought for the kids.

I’m not sure how I’ll divvy up these hair clips, but here they are- one for Em and one for Anna.

Above:  from Bebecha; I love how this one feels- I wish I could show it to you in person.


Above: from Lillybug Lane; super high-quality felt flowers.  I need to learn how to make them, but until then…  I also purchased a Christmas clip for Anna, and a headband for Emily, seen here.  Such great quality.


Lastly, Jack will get this crown- I can’t wait to see it on his noggin’.  Anna and Jack will be getting LOTS of dress up clothes from Santa this year- right now all Jack has is whatever Anna has, so we’re adding to the collection so that they can both put on a whole bunch of different things.  This will be an awesome addition.  The crown is from The Little Red Wren.  I don’t see any crowns there at the moment- maybe after the holidays she’ll add some more.

I also got a fun gift for a family member.  Can’t wait until he gets it!



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Wordless Wednesday #6

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Things have been quiet here for a bit.  I’m totally behind.  Here’s why:

– Closet organization:  this has been taken to the next level. We jumped into redoing our master walk-in closet in addition to the front hall closet.  It’s awesome and it’s awful all at the same time because now I have to reorganize everything (awesome and awful), throw things away (awesome), and reassess how our house functions (Awful?  No.  Awesome because it will work a lot better for us).  Everything is getting shifted.  As I said to Michael, “It has to get worse before it can get better.”

– I have no desire to cook.  Not sure why.

–  Emily, my sweet baby girl, is throwing me for a loop with her feeding.  She went from sleeping through the night from 11:00 to 6:00 to waking up twice.  Not cool for mommy.

I’m taking this week to organize and hope to be back up next week.  With pictures.  And words.  And love.  And more.



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Wordless Wednesday #5

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I know I’m not supposed to say anything, but how did she get so big?  This is a minutes-old shot of Emily.  She’s huge now!

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