Come find me at my new home!

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Hi Crafting Crazy Friends!

I’m so excited to tell you that I have a new home here on the interwebs:  Natalie Chiles!  As in www.nataliechiles.com!

Yup.  It’s up as of August 27th, 2012!   Posting will cease to happen at this blog, and soon many of my best posts will auto-forward to my new site.  I hope that you will join me over there, where I will bring you more awesome craft ideas, and even more awesome other topics, including health & fitness, juicing, photography and more!  My content is more organized, I have a swanky new theme, a great design, and am so pleased with how it turned out.  Come on over and check it out!  See you there!

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Where in the world is Crafting Crazy?

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Hi everyone,

I’m sure you’ve all be waiting with baited breath for my next post, right?!  😉  Just kidding!

Seriously, though, things have been Crazy-with-a-Capital-C around here, and something had to give.  Unfortunately this time around, that thing is my blog.  The reality is that we have three kids, and all of them need me now for various reasons (potty training, teething, kindergarten readiness- holla!).  Have to put them first.  And then there’s that job I have- I love it, and it’s busy now- rad!

I have done some amazing things recently.  AMAZING.

Thing One:  I took my photography class.

Thing Two:  I went to Elevate.   More on that soon, I hope.

Thing Three:  I took Content Brew.  More on that soon, too.


These three things, combined with a nagging itch for change have initiated a huge change coming here at Crafting Crazy.  For now you’ll just have to wait and see, but know that I’m working hard to improve this here space of mine on the internet in a big way, and I hope you’ll love it as much as I will!

Until I get these changes finalized I will be sporadic here for a while.  Once I’m ready, though, watch out!  I just may blow you away with my mad blogging skills.  Or not- we’ll see.  Ha!

Until then, I will see on you Facebook for sure (I can’t give up my FB) and here and there throughout the summer.  I’ve decided that big changes can’t be instant, they take time.

In the meantime, check out this guy.  He’s been wandering into our yard all week.  We have a neighbor with a very nice property- pond, paddle boats, lighting, the whole nine.  They must be low on food for him, because he doesn’t usually come our way, but for some reason lately he’s in our yard almost daily.  I finally got a picture of him- he’s huge!  Not even sure what he is- a loon?  Regardless, he’s beautiful and makes me want to dig a pond for him to catch fish in. I can’t imagine he’s sustained by bugs and plants.


Enjoy your day, and see you soon!


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Friday Free-For-All

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I need a day with my kids.  I’m going to be on the computer as little as possible today.  We’re getting ready to celebrate my  husband’s birthday.  And hanging out on a chilly, gray day.  I hope you are with ones you love for at least part of today.

I hope this weather clears up.  I’m supposed to go to this event tonight.  I have to wear all white.  Yes, me, Ms. Pasty-I-Am-Midwestern Nat- I shall be wearing all white tonight.  And I’ve fixed a lovely dinner for us, to boot.  It will be fun, wet or dry.  I’m just hoping it’s more dry than wet.  We’ll see.

Next week  I’m planning on finally sharing my daughter’s low-key birthday party, and I’ll be sharing a new project I’m going to embark on (a BIG one) on my Facebook page.  Have you been there?  I sort of live on Facebook.  Except for today.  :)

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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Friday Free For All?

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I am having  a crazy time here, folks.  Cra. Zy.

I have three kids.  Up until a few days ago, Anna (5) was the only one not napping.  Jack (3), was a champion napper, and of course, at 10 months, Sweet Em is napping twice a day.  Those afternoon naps have been precious.  Anna has “quiet time” and Jack & Em would sleep and I…. could BLOG.  And WORK.  And most importantly, I could complete a thought, have a phone conversation, and go the loo without an audience.

Yesterday my sweet Jack was bound and determined to NOT.  NAP.  And “quiet time” does not translate for this boy, folks.  If he doesn’t want to be in his room, then he lets us know.  And conveniently… his room?  It’s next to Emily’s.  Neat.  Today it was the same thing- lots of protests, lots of noise, not a lot of down time for mommy.

So, this mom is doing her best to let go of the nap.

So there’s that.

And then… I just feel like I’m in recovery mode.  In the span of just a week I helped put on a Family Music Festival (1,500 people attended- holla!), planned and executed a much-more-relaxed birthday party for Anna (post forthcoming), and the very next night had a wonderful get together with old friends.  It was fun, but it was also exhausting.

And then there’s this fitness challenge, which I am not doing as well in as I had hoped.  And I know exactly why:  I need to workout more.  I’m eating really, really well (I think).  We bought a juicer (more to come on that), and I’m eating lean proteins, fruits & veggies.  But my body needs to MOVE and all I want to do… is sleep.   I’m hoping that the juicer and some major workouts this week will help.

I’m very excited, though, that this Saturday I will be attending a photography workshop.  I’ll tell you all about it next week.  Promise.   Right now, I need to go to bed.  Not my most stellar blogging week, but we all have our challenges.

Catch ya next week!


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And the winner is….

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Mary!  Mary said, “What a great event this is going to be!:)”  Congrats Mary!  I’m emailing you now to give you the details to attend the Hullabaloo Family Music Festival on May 6th!

I used random.org to select our winner.  Here’s a screenshot of the number chosen:

If you didn’t win, you can head over here to get tickets early!  We’re selling more tickets every day and may have to cap them, so get them while you can!

Happy Weekend everybody!

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A Blogging Post Break

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Have you ever needed a break?   It could be one of many varieties.

  • A break from your kids.
  • A break from your job.
  • A break from your house {cleaning}.
  • A break from your pets.
  • A break from the rigamaroll of life.  Yeah.  Rigamaroll.
  • A break from _____________.  What would you put in the blank?

This week I’m taking a break from posting.  If you have a blog, you know what I’m talking about- there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes action that goes into {what I think is a} good blog.  You have to keep things organized, cleaned up and accessible.  I have some virtual housekeeping to do.  I’d like to think I can do what I need/want to do AND give you lots of great posts, but hey- I’ve got three kids, a dog, a husband, and a WAH gig.  Something’s gotta give, right?

So this week, while I will be “blogging” a lot, I will not be posting a lot, if at all.  But be sure to check back next week- I have something big up my sleeve!  Especially if you are a Pinterest user!

Regardless of what holidays you do or don’t celebrate, I hope you had a great weekend, and that your week is fabulous.  See you next week!

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