Friday Free-For-All

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I need a day with my kids.  I’m going to be on the computer as little as possible today.  We’re getting ready to celebrate my  husband’s birthday.  And hanging out on a chilly, gray day.  I hope you are with ones you love for at least part of today.

I hope this weather clears up.  I’m supposed to go to this event tonight.  I have to wear all white.  Yes, me, Ms. Pasty-I-Am-Midwestern Nat- I shall be wearing all white tonight.  And I’ve fixed a lovely dinner for us, to boot.  It will be fun, wet or dry.  I’m just hoping it’s more dry than wet.  We’ll see.

Next week  I’m planning on finally sharing my daughter’s low-key birthday party, and I’ll be sharing a new project I’m going to embark on (a BIG one) on my Facebook page.  Have you been there?  I sort of live on Facebook.  Except for today.  :)

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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