Nobody’s Perfect: The Craft Room

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Hi everyone!  I hope you had a marvelous weekend.  Mine was busy and full of fun!  The main part of my weekend was spent at the Hullabaloo Family Music Festival here in San Diego (Rancho Bernardo, really, but San Diego, nonetheless).  It was a great success and I’m happy to be on the flip side of it so that I have an event under my belt.

Last night as I wandered my house, I realized that, in preparing for the festival, I had let a LOT of things go.  And so I give you another installation of “Nobody’s Perfect.”  To read about the background of this series, click here.

I have long dreamed of having a beautiful craft space, full of aesthetically pleasing nooks and crannies to store my supplies for sewing, Mod Podge-ing, and more.  The reality, though, is that I have to “make do” with what we have and can afford.   Combine that  with several weeks of preparing things for the festival, plus a birthday party coming and Mother’s Day…. I’ve been kind of busy.  I’ve also been horrible about cleaning up after myself.  As a result… well, take a look-see for yourself…


This room is also our guest room, hence the bed.  Hence the flat surface.  Hence the mess- it’s too easy to just open the door, toss something on it, and shut the door without realllllly looking to see how bad it is.

The bed from another angle.  Lots to clean up in here!

My sewing table.  There’s no way I can sew here right now- and I have a lot of projects to do!

Even the floor is…. a mess!  Time to get to it!

And clearly, from the quality of these photos, you can see that I’m still working on mastering my new Canon.  I’m happy to report that I’ve registered for a workshop later this month, so hopefully things will look much improved starting in late-May, early June.


  1. Question for you…my friend is a huge crafter, especially when it comes to her kid’s birthdays. Her dining room and guest room both look eeriely similar to your photos. Here’s the thing, she can’t bring herself to toss out ANYTHING she’s made it for said parties. What do you do with your stuff? Do you have a dedicated storage space for it?

    • Do you mean what do I do with extra supplies, or what do I do with projects once they are done? I’m going to get this cleaned up TODAY (we’re having 2 parties this weekend so I HAVE to!) and then I plan on doing a “this is what it is supposed to look like” post. I do have a system- I just have to use it. I have my sewing notions organizers– those are a life saver. I also have shelving in the closet that I use to hold fabric, supplies and tools. It’s nothing like a pro’s room, but it’s my little creative space, messy or organized. :)

  2. yes, sometimes my son’s armchair looks like {his wall closet is my craft closet} this or the floor around the dining room table when i am finished with a day of making stuff.. i hope you have a great time organizing your stuff!! :) :)

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