Mother’s Day Project & San Diego MNO!

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Are you ready to clean up your Pinterest Boards?  Thursday is Clean Up Your Pinterest Boards Day!  Join us and make sure your pins are legit!  Can’t wait!

Are you ready for Mother’s Day?  I am!  I love having a day to celebrate the fact that I’m a MOM!  I can’t believe I’m 36 and have three beautiful kids.  Before I get into the details of my post, I want to share an event I’ll be attending and am SO EXCITED about!    I’m also on the committee promoting it because I am so thrilled that this group exists for the sole purpose of giving MOMS a NIGHT OFF!  Woot!

If you are a San Diego mom, you should come to San Diego Mom’s Night Out Mother’s Day Event!  Don’t worry, it’s not on the “real” Mother’s Day- it’s Thursday, May 10th.   National Mom’s Nite Out is the first nationally organized celebration of motherhood intended to bring together today’s moms, physically and virtually.  National Mom’s Nite Out unites hundreds of social media groups, companies, local playgroups, mommy bloggers and mother social networks in giving moms a well deserved night off. National Mom’s Night Out consists of local events held across the country including ours!

San Diego Mom’s Night Out Mother’s Day Event is going to be at Bliss 101 in Encinitas.  I live in El Cajon, and let me tell you- the drive will be worth it!  Just a few of the fun things planned: wine, food, skinny shots, massages, and swag bags!  Need I say more?  Go get your ticket, gals!   For reals- it’s going to be so nice!

Now, onto my tutorial- I am so pleased with how these turned out!

First things first:  CREDIT.  I first saw this project on Pinterest, which sent me to Mandy Douglass’ blog, It Will Change Your Life. At the bottom of this post I saw the cutest thing I’ve ever seen for Mother’s Day, and thought to myself, “I HAVE to make this!”  I emailed Mandy, and she so graciously agreed to let me post this tutorial.  Thank you, Mandy!

I had to fly by the seat of my pants a bit:  learn from my mistakes!  I definitely learned a lot as a crafter, but I’m still happy with my results.   What’s nice is there’s a lot you can adjust depending on what crafting tools you have and how detailed you want to get.  For example, I don’t have a Silhouette or other fun device, but if I did, I bet I would use it for this.


  • Flower Pot(s)
  • Spray Paint (optional)
  • Crafting Paint (optional)
  • Glue Gun (I used a mini glue gun, my new best friend)
  • Floral Foam
  • Scissors
  • Something round to trace a circle on your photos (I used a votive holder)
  • Stems for your flowers; I ended up trying a few things- cloth stem wire (see collage above), and kabob skewers
  • Filler for your pots- I used Spanish Moss
  • Paper Flowers (see below)
  • Photos of grandchildren/children/etc. (see below for more details)


Because I don’t have a Silhouette/Cricut thingy (dreaming of one), I dug around in my stash and found these.  They are die-cut flowers that you layer together.  I’m so glad I found them- they were a life-saver.  If you want to order some, they are available to order here.  If you don’t want to use these, you could always create a template to use to make a bunch of flowers at once, old school style.

These flowers were so great to work with.  You punch them out, and they are scored so you can fold them to create dimension.  It’s rather addictive.

{Flower Pots}

This is an area where you can totally save yourself some time, or if you have lots of kids like Mandy’s huge family (20 grandchildren- amazing!) and can’t fit all of their handprints, you can skip it.  Find a cute planter and call it “done.”  I chose these pots because they were inexpensive and a blank canvas to work on.

I spray painted them with an indoor/outdoor paint since they may end up with real plants in them eventually.  I worked  very quickly and let them dry over night.  You can see below that I started with them upside down so I could get a good layer at the bottom.  I waited about 30 minutes, flipped them over, and sprayed a second coat. Done!

I had visions of using painter’s tape to create a perfectly straight edge where I painted my colors, but the tapered sides of the pot made that a nightmare.  So I ended up just marking them with pencil and painting very carefully.  I used Martha Stewart’s new line of paint for this part, and I am smitten.  They are lovely to work with!

I’m glad I didn’t sweat the straight line thing- they look great.

Finally for the pots, I had the kids do their handprints around the pots.  Grandma’s love  handprints, right?  I love sweet Em’s little print- such a mess, but so cute.  It’s hard to get a 9-month-old to do a handprint!


I’m a Mac Geek, so I used iPhoto to print my photos.  You need to find photos of the kids where they are not taking up the entire frame.  What I ended up doing, as you’ll see in the screenshot below, is adding a border before I printed- this shrunk their little faces down even a bit more, and they were perfectly sized.

Trace a circle on your photos and cut them out.  Warning:  it feels REALLY weird cutting your kids’ heads out.  Maybe that’s just me.


Assemble your flowers.  I just used a dot of hot glue and layered them up.  If we had more grandkids then I would make them only 2 layers, but we’re still pretty small in the grandkid department, so we could go bigger.  Be sure to consider proportion carefully- your flower-to-flower-pot ratio is important.

For the back of the flowers, I punched out a small flower.  I drew an arrow to make sure I had the picture facing the correct way.  Then I covered up the stem (I’ll talk about those below) with the little flower so it looks nice from behind.  It’s entirely possible that my mother and mother-in-law will never take these out, so I want them to look nice from all angles. :)

Here’s an idea if you have a smaller/younger family.  If you only have 1 or 2 grandkids, or if you are using a bigger pot/planter, make extra flowers and put a button, jewel, sequin, etc. in the center to add color and fill up the pot.  Or just have one adorable little flower in your pot!

{Fill Your Pot}

I used a really old steak knife to chop my floral foam up.  You can see below that the center piece is big  (about half of one of the blocks), and then I had to whittle and cram.  This part will not show, so don’t fret- just cram it in!  After it’s full, put your covering over the foam.  If you’re using Spanish Moss, take note:  it makes a HUGE MESS.  Mandy used shredded paper that’s crinkled (what is that stuff called?) and if there’s a next time for this project, I will use that.  I do like how the moss looks, though.


This was a great experiment for me.  For some reason I really wanted the stems to be green.  So I started by twisting 2 cloth stem wires around each other very tightly.  This works, but the flowers are VERY wobbly.  However, I had already hot-glued and did not want to start from scratch on the first set, so I tried approach #2.

Approach #2 is what you see below:  I whacked some kabob skewers down to size and wrapped the wire around them.  This made them easier to slide into the foam, and they were more steady. I still wasn’t satisfied.  (And yes, I’m covering those up later.)

This was my favorite result.  I wrapped the skewers in the wire.  A bit painful on the thumbs, but no pain, no gain! These were super easy and what I should have done from the beginning.  Duh.

The finished result:  a bunch of adorable blooming child flowers of love.  Aren’t they cute?!  The yellow one is for my mom (four grandkids), the blue is for my mother-in-law (seven grandkids), and the purple one is MINE.  All mine.  And yes, I’m emailing both my mom and mother-in-law prior to posting this to warn them of this post.  :)

Did I leave anything out?  Let me know- leave a comment and ask away!  

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. those are totally cute! you are so damn crafty! pinning.

  2. Such a cute idea! I love it. I just may have to try it for myself! :)

  3. How adorable are these? They’re the perfect gift. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love this idea, Natalie!! Too cute!

  5. Oh. my. I don’t think I’m up for all of that. But it is SO lovely and I am quite impressed that you not only created such beauty but blogged about it too!

  6. THOSE ARE GORGEOUS! My MIL would love with a passion. Why can’t I be crafty? (By the way have you read Craftastrophe? It’s hilarious.)

  7. Girl you’re a craft genius! lol. Love this project! Stopping through from the Saturday Sharefest.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. This is so cute! I love making my mom feel special on Mothers’ Day. Unfortunately this will be the fourth consecutive year that I won’t be home for Mothers’ Day – I live too far away.

    Visiting via SITS Sharefest :)

  9. The finished product looks amazing – and your diligence to all those steps in between – I couldn’t ever get it done – i usually go buy the materials with tons of motivation and then that is the end of my project. A bag of cute things from the craft store. I should hire a crafting mom 2 hours a week to give my kids some good crafting time ; )

  10. This is such a fun project! The finished product looks amazing! Thanks for sharing! Your kids are adorable!

    • Thanks, Angela! Looking forward to seeing you next week!

  11. love them – just wondering what kind of paint you used for the hand prints. Shoud I use a special kind since it is on the kids’ hands?

    • Hi Sara! I used a white from the same Martha Stewart line- you can find it at Michael’s Crafts. It’s not expensive- one little bottle is 2 or 3 dollars. When I did it I made sure my husband was involved- I’d paint their hand, do the hand prints, and then he’d escort them to the bathroom to wash. With my littlest, Em, I painted her hand, did the best I could, and then grabbed a baby wipe and wiped it right off. Good luck!

  12. I know this is super late but I just found this on pinterest. Is there anyway you can tell me where I can find that die cut flower kit? I cant find them anywhere!! :(

    • Hi Brittany, Sorry for my delay! This project is pretty old, so I haven’t been on the hunt for them, but when I did find them, they were in the scrapbooking/paper craft area of Michael’s Craft Store. I hope you can find them! Good luck!


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