A Blogging Post Break

Posted by on Apr 9, 2012 | 2 comments

Have you ever needed a break?   It could be one of many varieties.

  • A break from your kids.
  • A break from your job.
  • A break from your house {cleaning}.
  • A break from your pets.
  • A break from the rigamaroll of life.  Yeah.  Rigamaroll.
  • A break from _____________.  What would you put in the blank?

This week I’m taking a break from posting.  If you have a blog, you know what I’m talking about- there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes action that goes into {what I think is a} good blog.  You have to keep things organized, cleaned up and accessible.  I have some virtual housekeeping to do.  I’d like to think I can do what I need/want to do AND give you lots of great posts, but hey- I’ve got three kids, a dog, a husband, and a WAH gig.  Something’s gotta give, right?

So this week, while I will be “blogging” a lot, I will not be posting a lot, if at all.  But be sure to check back next week- I have something big up my sleeve!  Especially if you are a Pinterest user!

Regardless of what holidays you do or don’t celebrate, I hope you had a great weekend, and that your week is fabulous.  See you next week!


  1. wow how old is sophie now? i wasn’t sure you still had her. good to know she is still around! i was wondering if you’d seen this post yet? i’m sure it’s nothing you haven’t already heard before. but i thought it was a nice article and it reminded me of you when i read it. you could totally write for that site though. well, have a fun break (from blog-posting)! =)

    • I did see that, D. I loved it- it’s was a good reminder. Sophie is 11 now. She’s snoring as I type- still a sweetheart.

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