My First Date {The Happiness Project}

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I’m linking up today with the ladies at Chronically Distracted and their Happiness Project.  I LOVE the prompt for this week!

{As I type this post my husband is reading bedtime stories to our children.  Love.}

This month we are looking at love.   Our prompt is to write about our first date with the love of our life.  Done!

Michael and I met online. to be precise.  Before meeting him, I had been doing the online-dating thing for at least 18 months, I think.  eHarmony.  Now that we have three kids together it all seems so funny, but in the months before I met him I was so. Tired. Of. Dating.  I have some GREAT crappy date stories.

I told a friend of mine that I was done with online dating, and she encouraged me to continue just a bit longer because she met her husband online, and didn’t want me to give up just yet.  We have her to thank for our marriage, really, because just a few days later, Michael messaged me.

We emailed.  It was nice.  He seemed friendly, and his picture was intriguing (he has a Van Dyke, which I liked). He asked if he could call me, and I said yes.  We talked on the phone a few times, and finally, just before the holiday season started, he asked when he could see me.

Since we were both Catholic and I was playing in my church’s Sunday night choir at the time, I asked him if he’d meet me after mass and we could have dinner.  My memories of that evening are very blurry now.

I remember being so excited to meet him, and taking forever to decide what I was going to wear. I remember playing through mass and wondering where he was, if he could see me while I played .  I remember him coming over afterwards, helping the group tear down our sound equipment.  I liked his smile.  I remember walking to dinner, and him telling me that he didn’t feel well, but he wanted to meet me, so he was powering through.

What I can’t remember: anything we talked about at dinner.

I do remember that I smiled a lot, and we made each other laugh.  We walked the main drag of Pacific Beach after dinner and talked.  He walked me to my car.  I loved that he was so tall.  He seemed incredibly smart and sensitive, in a good way.  We hugged.

About four and a half months later we were engaged.  Six months after that?  Married.  On our honeymoon, which we took over the week of Thanksgiving, we marveled that we had just known each other a year and we were already hitched.

I love my man!


  1. Wow, we are similar. Met online… married at Thanksgiving. Imagine what our lives would have been like without computers.

  2. Dude! 4.5 months and engaged!! Amazing!
    I love reading about all the online hookups…er, dating. If I were single I’d totally do online dating. Congrats on a wonderful marriage and beautiful family!!
    And thanks so much for your continued support of Chronically Distracted!!

    • No problem, Wendy- I really love it. It’s just what I need right now- timing couldn’t have been better.

  3. That is a very sweet story, when my husband and I began to officially date it was over a weekend and he asked what time we would see each other the next day. Being I am Catholic and wanted to “Test” him to see if we could be happily married {yes I know, first date and then this!?} I said let’s go to Sunday Mass at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. Why was this the ultimate test? because my husband loved sleeping in, he would wake up at around noon! from that day on he has never slept in. :)

    • Ha! My husband had stopped going to church for a while, so dating me brought him back to it in a way, which is neat.

  4. WOW! That’s a crazy story :-) And my husband thinks we moved fast by getting engaged after only 2 years…

    • I worried that my family would be skeptical, but then remembered that my parents were engaged after six weeks or so- so by that standard we were taking too long! :-)

  5. SEE!!! Sometimes you just know! I love that story!

    • Thanks, Maegan!

  6. aw i love “first date” and “how did you meet” stories! i have to thank computers for meeting my hubby too! i never tried online dating but in college i worked in the IT department at my school (ran the main computer labs) way back in the day where dorms were not all automatically wired for internet access, laptop computers were pretty expensive so not everyone had one, and university “home pages” were the new thing (sort of a precursor to blogs in a way!). hubby and his geek friends were among the computer lab regulars… =)

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