Our Lemon Tree

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Living in SoCal has so many perks… it’s a bit ridiculous.  I’ve lived here for 10 years now (wowzers) and there are still days when I say to myself, “Holy Cow.  I live in California.  Southern California, no less.”

When we moved into our house, which is also the house my husband grew up in, I was sort of non-plussed about having a lemon tree right outside our kitchen.  It’s cute and everything, but I didn’t really let it register.  Can I tell you something?

 It’s awesome.

 Need one lemon for a recipe?  Done.

Have a four-year-old who loves lemonade?  And a two-year-old?  Done.

Want to add some zest to something?  Done.

Our lemon tree is a Meyer lemon tree.  Apparently they are milder in flavor and are more closely related to the orange.  Hmmm.  The lemonade we make with them is definitely not too tart- it’s very smooth, but still lemon-y if that makes sense.


All I know is they are delish, and I love them.


They also make great last-minute gifts.

Do you have any simple pleasures where you live?  It’s the little things.  Or in this case, the rather big things that produce the little things…



  1. That tree is gorgeous. Truly. It’s straight out of Martha Stewart’s yard.

    • Thanks! If Martha Stewart stopped by she’d also see lots of weeds and gopher holes, which is another… “plus” of living in SD? :-)

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