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I have so many pending posts.  Photos just need to be edited and I need to get typing.  But I’m stuck.  I’m sort of in this place where I’m wrapping up my past and it’s a bit out of my control.  It’s hard to focus on the present when you need your past chapters to close.  I feel like one of those joggers you see at an intersection, jogging in place while they wait for the light to change so they can continue their run.

Patience is a virtue.  I, however, am not a patient person in all areas of my life.  But I will wait.  And soon I can completely let go of my past teaching life and move on into a more creative one (I hope).   I never, ever thought I’d be anything but a teacher, but here I am on the cusp of something else, and I have no idea what it is exactly, but it’s exciting.

I’ve spent most of my post-children-sleeping evening preparing documents and getting things prepared, and it’s amazing how much diving back into my world of teaching automatically sends my stress level to an old, familiar place.  It’s not something I enjoy.

I’m hoping that I can get caught up this week- the weekend ended so quickly that I haven’t had a chance to get grounded yet.  I have some great posts coming your way, though, including more Mod Podge and more food.  Yum.  I love food.

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