Peanut Butter Sandwich: A Whole New World

Posted by on Nov 4, 2011 | 2 comments

I can only make it once in a while, but when I do, oh my goodness.

I didn’t want to make a turkey sandwich.  I didn’t want the usual PB&J.  So to shake up the lunch routine…

…and the piece de resistance…

(just a bit- don’t get too crazy!)

Holy LORD it was good.  Try it.  You will love it.  Happy weekend!

p.s.  I am not a food photographer.  My camera is not super fancy.  I am asking for one for Christmas and/or my birthday.  Fingers crossed!


  1. i’m awful in the kitchen but making sandwiches i can manage. okay i’m going to try making this sandwich TODAY. looks so yummy. and your food photos are great! those berries on your plate are so tempting… i wish i could grab them out of your photo and eat them! sorry if i’m a ding dong for always commenting so much. i figure you must have the comments option turned on for a reason! =)

    • You are not a ding dong, D! I love your comments- they make my day knowing someone is a) reading my blog, and b) responding to anything I write. You’re the best!

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