Beer Makeover

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I’ve been eyeing the six-pack beer containers for a while.  Not just for the delicious containers of summertime bliss, but for their revamp possibilities.  Last week I did a huge cleanup in my office- reorganized everything and made my creating space much more useable and functional.  Someday I’ll have a space like this or this, but that’s a long way off- right now I’m just happy to have a table and a closet.

When I was done I decided to get to work on the possibilities of this here beer container.  (Keep your beer preferences to yourself.  And if you haven’t tried this kind, give it a whirl- I love it.)

Here’s what you need if you’d like to repurpose your beer container.

  • Beer container or anything else that holds cans/bottles
  • Mod Podge (of course- it’s my new BFF apparently) and applicator (I like sponge brushes)  (I have MP Hardcoat pictured- was thinking of using it and decided not to)
  • pencil or marker for tracing
  • Scissors (I’ve only pictured my big pair, but I ended up using a small pair for the handles)
  • Paper that you love, love, love and have been afraid to use for something because it’s just so nice.  Use it.  What’s the point in it sitting there?  There will always be more paper somewhere that you love.
  • Any other cool, crazy accoutrements you’d like to add (stickers, letters, borders, zots, tags, etc.)
  • Something to cover your worksurface.  Come on, we’re using MP people.

Steps to take:

  • Drink the beer (sorry, had to say it)
  • Decide how you want to use the paper- what’s going to go on the front, back, sides, etc.  I did not do this and ended up having to change things up.  It still looks fine, but I was momentarily bummed.
  • Trace the different sides of your container on the paper and cut out.  You don’t have to be too precise- the parts that show on mine are hardly noticeable, and it just adds to the character.  I’ve had this paper on the left for years- I think, actually, for about 10 years.  I always thought I’d use it to write a letter or something, but never happened.   I just love her face and her arms.  I couldn’t bear to throw it away.  When I found it during my office reorganization I knew it had to be part of this- this way I can see her every day.  Love it.

  • Mod Podge it up.  I painted the MP on the container first, smoothed the paper on top and then let it dry.  Then I came back to it 15 minutes later or so and painted the paper with MP.
  • Add your “extras.”  I framed the girl in a frame I had that happened to look good with what I had.  Then I used 3-D Zots to lift her up a bit from the box- nice layered look, I think.  Here’s my finished product- I. Love. It.


Oh, but that’s just one side.  Here’s the rest, and a shot of it on top of my shelf.  The other side says, “Get your craft on!”  The two small sides say “create” and “love.”  I was going to do “create” and “inspire” but I ran out of R stickers.  Oh well.  Love is always a good thing, I say.  I’m using it to hold my (what else?) Mod Podge, acrylic sealer and brushes.  The slots are just a bit smaller than a large jar of MP, but since the cardboard is flexible it’s all good.

And now, here’s my little freebie for today:

I have 7 more pieces of this little lady.  Would you like to use her?  I’d love to send you a sheet- it’s just 8.5×11 paper, not thick at all.  My only condition is that when you make something with her you link up to this post and let me know what you do with her.  ‘M-kay?  Pictures would be awesome.  So, since I have 7 pieces, the first 7 peeps to post a comment will get her in the mail.  Make sure I can find you, either leave your email with the comment (not in the comment- in the box) or make sure your contact info is current on your blog.  That way I can get your address.  If you don’t want the paper but still like what I did, feel free to still leave a comment- I love to see what people think.

I am linking up to It’s a Blog Party,  C.R.A.F.T., and  Making the World Cuter.  Yee haw!

p.s.  I apologize for my excessive use of parenthesis.  (I can’t control myself.)


  1. do i win ????!!! I’ve got plenty of those beer cartons to make over!

  2. Looks great Natalie, I love reading your craft blog and I can’t wait until D starts preschool in September so I can have more time to craft like you. I even saw a beer container in my fridge too. Would love the paper if you still have any.

  3. SO Cool!! You are very creative!


  4. What would I do with her? Well, since I’m lacking in photos of my mom, I would love to do a memory book of my mother, for my children. That would be a great page for writing an intro or letter for the inside cover of the memory book!

  5. I was always jazzing these up in college because I worked for a restaurant. They never get old and it’s super easy. Yours looks really fabulous. Love the vintage look!

  6. Hi Nat!
    I would find something to do with her! :)
    sounds fun!

  7. These are wonderful! Don’t enter me in the giveaway though – I want some other lucky readers to win!


  8. love. this. idea. it’s under “duh: why didn’t i think of that!” nice work.

    • Hi “KBaker”! :-)

      Can you contact me about if you’d like a piece of paper? You’re #6 in the comment line so if you’d like one I will send one to you. If not, no worries- I can send to the next one after #7. :-) Thanks!

  9. I KNEW there had to be something I could do with a 6-pack carrier!! Thank you for sharing this idea!!
    So cute!

  10. Very pretty…and I’m already planning my beer tote project..thanks

  11. Oops…meant to say I don’t need the paper…thanks

  12. What a great idea! I would love one of those!

  13. am i too late ??? i hope i get one – she is a cutie , would luv to use her to brighten a project up .

  14. hi nat! i’m commenting because you like comments! and i like your cool spiffed-up beer/craft caddie. in fact i’m a big fan of re-purposing everyday items. and if they look even prettier upon re-use, then that’s all the better! you can give me a paper if you want to or not. you know my info, right? that little miss on there looks fun though. i’m not as crafty as you though so i’d probably just keep it simple and put a speech bubble above her and have her saying something. doesn’t she look like she’s got something to say? anyway, that’s what i’d do if you did decide to send me a piece of the paper. and i’d try to keep it PG and take a pic for ya! xoxo! =)

  15. Nat,

    As usual I love your ideas! I would love one if you have some. See you.


  16. Where did you find that little girl image? Is it yours? it brings back memories! I used it i a power point presentation in college to show happiness. :)

    • Sorry for the delay, Dara! Just had a baby- good excuse? :-) I got the image from some stationery I bought at someplace like Kinko’s- I think I was fresh out of college, so it was eons ago. I’m glad I did something with it because it’s such a good reminder to just have fun. Thanks for stopping by!

  17. I am late to this, but just wanted to say this is my husband’s fav beer. I am glad he likes the cheap stuff! Great project. I may give this one a whirl.

    • I love that beer! And I’m not ashamed to admit it. I also like a good Hefeweizen, but man- something about that lime….


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