What was I thinking?

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….or WAS I even thinking?  Not sure.  I will have more to post about this soon, but thought this might entertain some of my crafty friends.  If you hear moans and groans of frustration, it’s probably me.


  1. Why the moans and groans? Anything I can help guide you through?

    It’s very easy to look at that mass of fabric swirling around and get overwhelmed. It’s okay to take breaks, and come back to it when you have had some time to re-focus! I have to sometimes, when I sew, because it seems once I make one mistake, a whole slew of them follow, until I take a break and let it sit for a bit. :)

    • Thanks, friend! I’m going to post all about it when it’s done. It WILL be done soon- we need it- ha! Can’t wait to show off the finished product. And I’m definitely learning a LOT in this process. So glad you’re reading!


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